Not Me

I've always been told that I'm not good enough

I'm told that I need to change to fit in

But I just respond with "Nah, that's not me"


I was at my first party and someone handed me a drink

They said no one would know and it would be fun

But I just respond with "Nah, that's not me"


At first I was ashamed

I thought that I would never fit in

That I would never be accepted


I would look in the mirror and hate the girl staring back at me

I thought about giving up

How easy would it be to end it all

But I realized with "Nah, that's not me"


I realized that God gave me gifts that no one could take away

He made me the way I am 

God is the greatest creator 

He doesn't make flawed things


So the next time someone tries to change you

The next time you think you want to give up

Just respond with "Nah, that's not me"

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My community
Our world
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