Not all is as it seems

Though your "different"

though your "unusual"

though you like different people than others,

doesnt mean your evil,

or you hated,

it means your you,

you can take me for example, 

i am part of the LGBTQ+ group,

and I live in the "bible belt of america"

many of my friends stand with me as part of that group,

2 months ago today i asked out my best friend,

he said no,

it was a sucker punch,

but i rolled with it,

people say things because they're scared of different,

just becuase no-one approves doesnt mean your not beutiful,

or gifted,

or an outcast, 

ive been bullied almost all of my life,

people don't know how hard it is to say "I'm ________"

they dont understand,

i draw semicolons on my wrist to say, 

"I could've ended it, but didn't" i love you all for loving yourself,

and may you find someone to love, whether they are a guy,

a girl,

or a rainbow unicorn,

you are awsome.

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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