The Normalization of Magic

I write to everyone in the future

That is,  everyone alive now

Because it is the future right now

It has been the future for a while now

Nobody sees it though

Clouded by the nature of being born in it, they can't see it

Much less appreciate it


You see, we're so advanced in the future it sickens me nobody realizes it

It's now what we're use to on tv

How can there be poverty and human afflictions in the world of tomorrow

It violates the hope that fuels the imagery of the future

So we'll never come to terms with living here 

and we'll keep pushing the date


Maybe when they unveil the flying car, or the silicone human

our breaths might be taken away

for a moment

But soon after, it'll be normal and a new narrative shall be scripted for the future of the future


I write to make you realize normal is temporary

The advertised future will always change. You'll never be sold that tomorrow is finally here.

Because nobody knows they live in the future


But we've arrived somewhere worth noting




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