Mon, 03/16/2015 - 15:00 -- jah7902


No justice, no peace.

No justice

for the deceased.

The system continues to cheat

Latinos and Blacks.

It’s just like back

in the 50s.

The only difference,

you’re sitting with me.


can’t join the land of immigrants?!

Guess us minorities ain’t fittin’ in
to your perfect white nation?

F*ck discrimination!

We didn’t end segregation

Just to continue with all this hatin’.

Burn down the flags

and feel the rapture

of what really happens after

you f*ck us over for so long.

You’ve been doing us so wrong.

F*ck this AP Government work!

I know exactly how the government works.

It’s a system

full of money hungry politicians

That use police for


They put us up against each other.

Latin Kings, Crips, & Bloods

just so they can kill their brothers.

Stop the violence.

Drop the nines and

hold hands.

Fight back

& take a stand.

For justice, for our nation.

We are not one nation.

We are divided & Satan

has us in his palms

because we can’t really get along.

Justice for all, my a*s.

Was it justice when

Martin took his last

breath on the balcony?

What will come right after me?

Should I bring kids

into this messed up tragedy

We call America?

Where they say we’re all equal.

We’re just people.

Let’s all screech for

no justice, no peace!

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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