No words float on water

no words float on water

Lines composed on a walk between Hampstead and Highgate < London 1991

Two smooth stones
    sucked in my mouth
green  is the living colour
  flesh of leaf

no words float on water
   the sun frolicks in the waving grass

Water make me fresh,
give me clear answers

griseous stone and bark of wood
   Arcane glades
water and leaf and branch of  Oak
  Ash, Elm
answer me

 I will be a druid today

this stone  like an egg
  holds knowing
mute witness to time

unlike an egg
  it will not hatch in my hands

alone on the path
  the white sun and I
the path: Splinters,
  fragments of mute stone
fibrous bones all a silent witness
  chipped prehistoric tools

natures spirit encompasses me
   her secrets
 her ghosts
   who am I, what am I, why am I
when will I understand?








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