No Ordinary Girl

Here I am on the ground

I hear the voices whispering into my right ear

Telling me to find my inner strength

To get up and be strong

I know they’re not wrong

I know I am not an ordinary girl

Then why is it so hard

So hard to unleash the power

So hard to reach the top of the tower

I know I am not an ordinary girl

Perhaps it's the voices whispering in my left ear

The voices of everyone that has 

tried to keep me down

They are trying to hold me down

 because they have a fear

If I find my inner strength

 I will defeat them and win!

There is a tug of war

 in my life

A war between

 those who support my success and 

those who don’t 

I’m stuck in the 

middle of this strife

I know what I have to do

 to break this cycle

I know I am the only one who can

Prove my friends faith in my strength I am the only one who can

Defeat my enemies

Deep down I know I can

Then why is it so hard

 to fulfill my dream…

To climb to the top and scream

I am no ordinary girl!!!

Keeping hope alive

That one day things will unfurl

I am no ordinary girl!

One day things will unfold….

That I am 

no ordinary girl!!!

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