Hungry hue-mans were in caves driven to consume and feed a tribal network, we made weapons from stones because survival amongst common rivals for food was the need we set and met first. Hue-man discovered fire, it was like a small sum of the sun imitated on a 3/4 wet earth, heat and light from one source, birthed cooking and curiosity so in the darkness man could now set search, then man made vessels and wheels to traverse waters and move weighted objects, now even their new 4 legged pets worked, man needed to communicate so they designed dialect and babel to converse, thus forming civilizations, institutions and the foundations of religion and the church, new man in a new world with old habits since birth, advancing to survive before returning back to dirt, the souls of angels fallen some refused to pray and break the curse.  Wars were inhumane with causes to advance man on one side though the other side would surely hurt, man grows tired of mortality and plans to leave the earth, so modern man makes a robot to replace his fellow mans worth, modern man makes a robot to replace his fellow mans worth, displacing man in the spaces adults networked and earned paychecks for their families basic survival and net worth. Soon there will be no more haves and have nots, only generational poverty, slaves and those that have bots, perched in an Amazon warehouse is an android prepared to take any available overtime slots, artificially intelligent, just Google to find out when they scale for mass production so the price to own a unit drops, then 90 hour work weeks or you’re fired, over time replaced in the workforce with no option for company stocks, unemployed on the phone speaking to an AI, press pound if you want me to stop. Even if you convince yourself to run, reality is your shadow and has never had a reason to bite then stop, chasing unemployment on the phone speaking to an AI automated bot, press pound if these words offend and you really want me to stop. Terminator, I robot but first Robocop to try “solve” the racism from cops, replace the resistance first, unions once defeated will minimize the shock. Some will surf the internet, discover that indeed  there was never water for a vessel, even those linkedin will find out that its not against flesh and blood that they wrestle, but against rulers of the dark side and worshippers of devils, principalities and powers, idolaters who revel, in trying to control a narrative that the bible has already forged in ancient metals, not a word will be lost until fulfilled on every level. The robots are coming! no need to be patient, man wants to be like God and recreate his greatest creation. Man wants to be like God and recreate his greatest creation, protect your children from the future or the future will digest their worth and  participation, devastation caused by attempted replication, of hue-man, no black or white, just God’s greatest creation.


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