No Chemicals in My Coils

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 20:24 -- nafi43


When I turned eighteen, I made a choice.

It wasn’t to protest racism, it was no sit-in.

I simply chose not to sit in.

I wasn’t going to sit for thirty minutes

Under lye & alkaline.

This wasn’t some sort of ebony epiphany.

It was just my time.


Is it so profound that I choose not to change me?

Is it so strange that I’ve been digging my curls lately?

Why do I have to be making a statement?

When I just didn’t see the need for that every six week payment?


No more relaxers, I’ll pass on the touch-up.

But every time someone says, “What Inspired You?”

I want to tell them to shut up.


There’s no chemicals in my coils.

Okay, alright.

There’s no chemicals in my coils.

No, that doesn’t help me sleep at night.


My scalp itches a lot less

And my hair is less work.

Cause I’d rather focus on school, and boys, and life, and adventures, and music, and clothes, and Netflix.

I’d rather just live, without needing to have something to “fix”.


So, no, this isn’t a protest.

This isn’t a sit-in.

This is me being me,

A lot less maintenance and a little more free.

Happily, nappily, beautifully me.


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