At Night


At night, I wait for her to come,

My rays glistening silver on the pool below.

The forest is quite and still;

The stars wheel and dance around me.


At night, I come to the pool in the forest;

I come alone, but I pretend not to mind.

The moon and the stars are company enough;

I’ve come to swim and to wash away worries.


I see her emerge from the trees,

Her golden hair catching starlight.

She looks like a creature of the forest,

But I know not where she’s from.


I dive into the clear water.

Gliding under it effortlessly,

The world begins to melt away.

It’s just me and the forest.


She swims through the water with ease,

Each stroke resonating power and grace.

But there is sadness in her movements.

I wonder if she is always so lonely.


At day, I walk the school halls,

My golden hair tied back.

I wonder if some boys think me pretty;

Sometimes I wish they could see me swim.


For it is at night when I am flawless.

When I swim, I am unstoppable.

But only the moon is there to see me,

One day perhaps, someone else will.


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