A New York Minute


United States

A New York Minute

Within a solemn pew
one can forgive their neighbor
Shut the stereo down sound the alarm
Vast illumination

Isn't it a pity when you hate the city
go down breaking with the frying pan
The beat of the clock to watch the grand tick tock
take you where you want to do

like never before hence the open door
A willingness by which to explore
We hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise

Twisted lies
getting caught up in a dream through evil schemes
The mob rules and Ronnie James was right
leaving behind a legacy of heavy metal

A New York minute there's lady liberty
Grand Central Station
Cheese cake
Empire State Building

you can get lost in the sauce
Sullen brevity
marked on a blotted page although clearly intact
working to hard can give you a heart attack

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