New Years Eve Talk of the Town

Please get up, please get up,

as she holds her lifeless boyfriend around his waist,

she hoped to hear a gasp of air.

The bedsheet was too tight around his neck,

so she started screaming for help.

Caught in a state of shock, 

she begged the man who heard her pleaing for help to get him down.

As I looked at him, his knees were bent, and his face blue.

When she touched him,

she felt frozen in time; she told herself this is not happening. 

Upstairs away from my room and the room next to mine,

where he decided to take his life was the only place I knew.

My home and family completely shattered,

and a hole in my heart that you battered.

She's in denial, asking the paramedics if there is a pulse,

as the coroner is in the driveway,

and I am watching  my best friend being zipped up in a body bag.

New Years Eve 2012 will never be the same,

that was the day I was the one to blame.

Murderer, heartless bitch, should have killed him yourself

was what I was told; just to mention a few,

was only the beginning of this battle without you.


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