The New Year

Fri, 12/05/2014 - 17:16 -- AIM1219


Time goes by so quickly there was little time to contemplate the joy we had in our daily lives

We hardly thought of our loved ones and our friends because our hectic life had no room for it

However, as the New Year starts and the old one ends

We reflect upon those that still remain

We remember now of those that enriched our lives

Of the ones that left and whose memories remained

We think of the people that count in our life

The people that helped us survived

As the New Year arrives

We think of the hope, the love and the joy

That comes in and goes through day and night

We watch the clock racing the time

We begin to see that time flies

The changes begin in our new lives

I really do hope that this brand new year

Is full of joy, peace and love and with no more tears

I hope for the tragedies and pain to leave this place

This is another chance to explore the horizons

To challenge our limits

To break through the barriers

To show our talents

To get rid of some habits

To read good books

To inspire our youth

But most importantly

To spend it with you

My son

My husband

My mother

My brother

My family and friends

I’m ready to start the New Year with a positive mind in place!


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