A New Sunrise Yet to Come

A New Sunrise Yet to Come



Oh America!

A new sunrise is yet to come

To revive your honor and ideals

That your martyrs and your heroes

Fought to let shine radiantly

In sunrises that have come.


You had your rises.

You had your sets.

You had some dark and gloomy days.

But I believe you can rise again

For all the world to see

The red, white, blue

Of America, Land of the Free.


Twice You’ve had a sunrise

Laughed at, scorned and left to bleed

You are ready for a third

A new sunrise yet to come


Adams, Jefferson, Franklin first dreamed

The first sunrise that came.

Saying, “All Men Are Created Equal.”

“All Men Are Created Free.”

That every man was born with rights

Of Life and Liberty.


And for these rights, they risked their lives

These rights for you and me.

Giving man the opportunity

To Go and shape his life

In the rendezvous with destiny.


For a time, You shined bright

Proud and free, as you ought to be

For darkness would soon cover your land

And blood shall soak the ground

And the brave be called

To fight for you again.


For some men who lived

During the first sunset that came

Preached: “All men are NOT Equal.”

“All Men are NOT Free.”

And vowed to protect

The evil called slavery.


Many fought and many died

On the fields, in the rivers, and in the woods,

Brother against brother,

To test to see

If you could be

True to the first sunrise that came.


Then Lincoln spoke

To a House divided

To bind and mend

Heal and cure

The breaks wrought by slavery


And feebly through the dark storm clouds

A simple and glimmering hope

A new sunrise in the distance!

Struggled but arose


Reaffirmed were the words,

“All Men are Created Equal.”

“All Men are Created Free.”

And these ideas would endure

For America Yet to Be.


Now this new found glory would soon come to pass.

Glory comes and glory goes

Energy, passion ebbs and floes

And suns do set every now and then

Even though they rise again and again.


Now a sunset is here again

With all walks of life

Saying: “America, You are not great.”

Common as common goes.”

“And better doomed than to live.”


But responsible for all evil, you are not

Imperfect, yes, but who is not?

Yet in your heart you carry words that bring hope to all who hear:

“All Men are Created Equal.”

“All Men are Created Free.”


And Yet, they divide you up in colors:

Divided in Blue and Red

Black and white

Blue and Black

The Red, White, and Blue of Unity.


And cross thrown down

And star turned dim

And heaven’s smeared with words:

Blurred: “Tolerance for ideas yet to come.”


And a Sunrise is Yet Come.


Though I may not see it.

Nor touch its glorious splendor.

But I will work, toil, pray, hope,

I’ll Fight.

For Your New Sunrise Yet to Come.


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My country


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