New Roads


Walking down a new road,  my eyes; a gyroscope. Looking around smiling happily,  a good day, I hope.   Walking down the same road relishing all that pass,  my eyes; a sponge I pray that it will last.  Walking on the same road I see a beautiful fawn,  in silence I gaze upon,  the game in which she has won.   Walking the same road slowly I stalk,  the lighthouse turns,  my face to chalk.   Walking the same road at her eyes, I smile,  to my joy it returns making all my time worthwhile.   Walking the same roada new leaf turns,  the lighthouse turns away,  still my heart yearns.   No longer the same road I scream; I yell more, I want more but only time will tell.   No longer the same road swifter than wind, I pursue after her believing it not to be a sin.   No longer the same road,  the lighthouse glares. My deeds revealed,  in my heart does tear.   Walking the same road,  fear no longer in my eyes. I say goodbye still, all I want to do is lie.   I walked that same road only joy there was sowed. It’s raining at the lighthouse,  walking on a new road. 


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