A New Me

It feels like a dream.


I was a separate person back then.


I can't see the scars anymore. 


I know I am a different person now.


I do not feel pleasure at the thought of damaging

My skin like I did in days of old.


Something in me has changed

Thus, the thought of self-harm repulses me.

I smile often and genuinely now.

Lest we forget, there was a time when smiling was forced.

Like having two threads in my corners to hoist my lips up.


Help was available, but I rejected it. 

Unless I wanted to expose my weakness. 

Retreating into solitude was the best option

Thankfully, nowadays I seek help if I need it.

I know that time was hard for me. 

Nevertheless, the day is bright for me. 

Greatness is on the horizon, for I feel no pain anymore.

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