The New Girl

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 21:18 -- lfarber

The New Girl

In class she sits, making snide remarks,

Her words bitter and pungent;

This façade she maintains, meant to keep us at bay,

To hide in its shadow her sorrows, her pains.


Between us she has constructed a wall of brick,

It stands a hundred feet tall and a hundred feet thick;

I pound on the wall pleading for entrance,

Only to be left with bloody, broken bones;

After years of pounding a small crack appears,

Through it I see weary eyes spilling tears.


I see on her wrists tracks clear and bold,

The majority of which are healed and old;

On her wrist I spy a fresh mark,

Her eyes find mine, now hollow and dark.

In her eyes I see a deep down pain,

A heart wrenching past to difficult to explain.


I manage to push a large brick out the way,

But she quickly replaces it, and there it will stay.

Every day I try but the wall gets stronger;

From the other side, I hear a perpetual holler,

Cries of anguish, of sorrow and pain,

Yet despite all my efforts, the wall still remains.


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