New Beginnings

Everything has a beginning,

a point when the energy starts to course.

But all things, good and bad,

must at some point reach their demise.


Or so we are told from an early age.

Nothing lasts forever, everything has an expiration.

Space has a finite ending, life is only lived once,

and the world is colored in black and white.


But it’s not.

Our home, our world, our universe

Is a mosaic of infinite colors and connections

where everything intertwines and nothing ends.


Life flows and cycles on and on.

One man’s final breath becomes another’s first.

The water you consume bathed past generations.

And your actions impact generations to come.


Nothing in this world is finite,

wisps of energy connect everything from a newborn’s cry

to a dying star’s final seconds preceding super nova.

Nothing is isolated, every action triggers a greater reaction.


Show me death and I’ll show you contributions.

Show me breakage and I’ll show you untapped potential.

Show me limits and I’ll uncover space’s infinity.

Show me an ending and I’ll reveal a new beginning.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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