Negations of a listless 'Caretaker'

Wed, 01/27/2016 - 16:07 -- K_Robb

No amount of money can take back the yelling, screaming, hurtful words, painful anger brimming over the top not wanting to live. Never having a childhood, failures and faults are endless. Pain lingering from years of abuse. Physically, mentally done. Social was never present, it was nonexistent. Never having a father. Just abusers. One caused from the adolescent neglect, another from suffering ignorance. It is blissful. Too bad that I was raised with a yearning urge to learn about what and why I'm in situations. Cycling and learning through so many that they can be easily compared with inexperienced scenarios causing a legitimate outcome of understanding so. Being leaned in on by too many, too familiar situations understanding and reluctantly accepting the negative outcomes.
Living is hell, but knowing that what which you're suffering from is confirmed and set in stone explaining imminent doom. Not wanting to interact with anybody to refrain from false words, filled with air, not used to express a hint of personal affection or concern, but, used for the ability to create a ground of statement that of which can be twisted and turned for their personal gain. In what? Public affairs? The increase in popularity or false knowledge on a preemptive action or physical statement of a dead body expressing their thought or opinion of their life. Being noticed in death is just a lowly expression to those in similar situations and scenarios that can be compared and contrasted to partially known situations to alleviate their opinion and experiences on someone whom can help.


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