It echoes through my mind

and feels glossy, shimmering

as if it were a woodland fairy;

with wings beating up and down in a 

steady rhythm, a slow staccato but

gentle are the wings as they kiss the soft

colorful clouds in the sky.

It stretches through my ears and reverberates a 

resounding and blissful state of peace, and

I enter a place in my mind that can only be reached 

through something beautiful, 

a thing more powerful than the shattering of a vase as it hits a wall

when he tells her he no longer loves her,

more resonant than the cry of a mother who has

nothing left to lose. 

The most influential thing in the universe

allowing people to become as broken as the day they were born,

imploding worlds and creating them-

It’s thunderous and it rings through my ears after the door slams.

As hateful as his last goodbye, but necessary

is the silence. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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