Neat Eyes

"You have neat eyes"

Said one of the sweetest guys

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me"

He was as sweet as can be

"When we get married..." he would always say

When did that feeling go away?

"I think we should go our separate ways"

I broke down and cried for days upon days

"But I still care about you a lot and I want to stay friends"

I promised him that our friendship would last until my life ends

But I just keep playing back the lies...

Starting with the beautiful eyes


"Your eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue"

I hear you've said that to your new girl too

"Your hand feels perfect when it's placed in mine"

Those words always used to make me feel divine

You were always one to flatter...

How can all of our memories now suddenly not matter?


"You never ever have to worry about her"

Excuse me, but who did you leave me for, again, sir?

"I will always love you"

If only that statement were true

"I care about you a lot"

Then how come you didn't give my feelings a single thought

When you asked her out...

The one girl you told me never to worry about


Now, I know what I said

But you've made your bed

I trusted you with my heart

But you tore it apart

How can you expect a friendship to fare...

When you don't even seem to care?




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