Tue, 12/07/2021 - 18:34 -- JPGeo

The blue of the sky is not in a box of crayons.

The color of the deep ocean does not have a name.


There are trees that are five thousand years old.

What would it be like to live so many years?

Would memories fade, only to be replaced with new ones?

If you forget the bronze age, what is the point of having been there?


The great Missouri begins as a trickle springing from the earth.

You may stop the trickle but that does not stop the river.

Only one thing can stop the mighty.  One mightier.


Hummingbird, if you were a dinosaur, what made you change so much?

Will you change back?


When I was a child, my teacher asked, why do bees make honey?

I know why, I said,  “They make honey so they have something to eat in winter.”

“Very good”, she said.


We grow fodder to feed cows, pigs and chickens so we can eat them.

Maybe we should just eat the fodder.


Math can prove the motion of the stars and gravity and the speed of light.

Then again, did somebody just make it up to look smart and others went along?


Would you rather see the Great Pyramid or the Great Barrier Reef?

Would you rather see Victoria Falls or a Super Bowl?

Would you rather see the lights of Paris or an Aurora Borealis?


If I were a koi and my friend was a cormorant.

What would the other koi say?



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