Naive and Hopeful

Young love,

A terrible trap,

From the life twisting heartache,

To the unfufillable promises,

But who could blame such naive adolescents?


If people on the telly can fnd live, why can't I?

I've roamed aound,

Up and down hills

Through long alleys,

Even the fancy restaurants.


But no sooner did I look,

Across the room,

In my boring class,

That I found the one who would be mine.


Sitting at lunch together,

Walking the halls,

There would be no one else I'd rather be with,

Than the man I have.


Always positive,

Always supportive,

Telling me I was the one,

The one to share the rest of his life with,

And I fell hard,

Too hard.


I went to him to express my uncertainty,

My failures,

My triumphs,

And he stood by me through it all.


But young love isnt always happy,

As Mr. Shakespeare portrayed,

There is a price to pay,

And that price was my heart.


He wouldn't go to heaven and hell or everything in between,

He wouldn't love me unconditionally,

He wouldn't support my hopes and dreams,

I was blindsided.


As time passed,

I vowed to never again make the mistake,

Of believing in young love.

My heart has frozen over,

So to winning me over,

Will have to take more than words,

More than emotions:

It will take everything he has.



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