My Year

Tue, 12/20/2016 - 15:56 -- atobar1

From January to February

I hit a new low in life

Everything was bothering me

All I thought about was the cold blade of a knife


From March to May

At that point it was three months since I wrote a suicide letter

We made my little sister the happiest kid on her birthday

Things felt better


Then came June

Everything came back to me

Those days had as much color as the fur of a raccoon

I felt all the emotions opposite of happy


From July to November

I bought a new book to draw

I focused on getting happier

Getting results faster than expected had me in awe


Before I knew it, it was December

I’m finally happy

I’m finally better

Now I’m focused on a better future and better me

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This is my submission for the Power Poetry Scholarship along with a summary of my 2016

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