My white privilege

These words mean little coming from Me

But I feel such loss witnessing a black mistreat

Another cop hurting the community

Another 50 year old white man

Telling you where you should be

Another white girl plumping her lips

Has the audacity to call your hair nappy

Another sibling tells her sister

Where she can get skin lightening cream

But I feel exactly as I should do

Not a fear for me but a fear for you

Because Michael was shot and Sandra was hung

And our skin shouldn’t affect

That I am you and you are me

And we are supposed to be one community

Your grades are not a postcode

Or a specific skin colour

Your rights are not a test

To be cheated on

and I will never understand How you feel

Because I have a thing called white privilege

Another dizzying concoction

Produced by a white man

That makes my skin equate to more

And my words and situation therefore

But why exactly?

The only difference deep inside

Is the structure society has taught

Sorry Mr White Man but

There’s nail Polish now that shows me when you

You, are trying to cloud my thoughts

And I hear the voices rising from your


And whilst I’m at it note that I’m strong

I can’t Do chores too well or cook

But I still have confidence you think you took

No, no my body is not your ideal type

And yes my jeans are tight

But I’m Teenage girl and I personally don’t want to avoid

This fight and I know We are supposed to be one community

So please Mr White Man let it go.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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