My Unhealthy Relationship With Chick-Lit

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 14:57 -- tildaw

I’m not the sort of girl that gets the boys

And that has mostly been ok

They’re just extra noise

I naturally walk another way


But this year I am changed

They call eighteen adulthood

I need my life arranged

And adults keep boys for good


So I got caught up on research

I’m nothing but prepared

I read romance at church

Even god was scared


Austen boys like smart girls

Masters of the eloquent burn

They may have fancy pearls

But a fine wit the boys discern


The Brontë girls are quiet

To a broody boy’s delight

They spread speech on a diet

And set their eyes alight


I came here quite excited

I showed up book in hand

I’d find my love requited

If all went as planned


I switched romance for Salinger

Taylor Swift for Mozart or Bach

I read outside and challenged her

Whose walk wasn’t more of a stalk


The boys have yet to notice

They seem to walk right by

They’re not after a poetess

I think I’ll start to cry


I’m checking all the boxes

I do not talk, I brood all day

My wit, it bites like foxes

I should be keeping them at bay!


At last the sad conclusion

Boys may want girls who talk

Or without an Austen-themed delusion

I know, I know, no shit sherlock

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