My Sister's Keeper


“What were you expecting?”
That was your response

That was all I needed to know

In order not to respond

The term


Is used in reckless ways when

It comes to relationships


Our number

The number of years that we’ve been friends

But six years of friendship

Seems to have gone down the drain

Over an overreaction

I’m sorry!

I don’t know how many times I can

Apologize to you

We’ve been through a lot

Always been there for one another

Like “sisters”

That’s how we identified our relationship


Four months without having

One of our pow-wows

Girl, you know!

I know you remember!

The times where we’d stay up for hours

Talking about

Love, our relationships, family

But the best part was reminiscing about the good ol’ days

Like the time we both told our moms that we were staying at the other’s house

And end up staying at a friend’s crib


How about that time

When we got our first tattoos together

The day before the New Year

Remember how we used to write each other when you were in boot camp?

I always looked forward to each letter

Annoying the school post office worker wondering if one was waiting in box 835

Holidays went by

Didn’t see one another

And we both had access to cars

And were in the same state

Now there’s fault to be had on both sides

And the phone works both ways

But try and see this from my eyes

Because you never opened up to me  

About how you felt about what I said

When I was at a breaking point

I called and no answered

It meant a lot that you called back


You weren’t there like how I needed you to be

It changed

You said nothing when I asked for your advice

It was clear in the sound of your voice that you didn’t want to be bothered

I tried to mend what was broken but it seemed as if you didn’t give ten shits

Anytime I’d call or text

You barely answered or responded

I’d invite you places

And things seem to always come up

I got the hint

Therefore I’d stop trying

Seems as if I had been replaced by your man

Bros before hoes

Chicks before dicks


Blood is thicker than water

Even though we didn’t share the same womb

And the same two people didn’t create us

I’d never considered you anything less than blood

Words cut deep

What I said about your decision

I know it hurt you

You of all people know me better than any man or woman on this earth

Hell, sometimes I think you know me better than myself!

With that being said,

You should know that

did not mean to intentionally hurt you

Sisters love each other no matter what

Sisters are the ones we call when we need to vent about times being rough

Sisters are sometimes that mirror that we don’t want to look in

Because we know that we may be facing the subconscious unwanted truth

sister is the person that you know you can count on

For their honest opinion

sister is that friend who will always have your best interest at heart

sister is a person that wishes you nothing but happiness

[ even when she isn’t genuinely happy herself ]

sister can even be a soul mate

And the two of you share an unbreakable bond

That no one else understands

And guys are just someone you have fun with

More importantly,

sister is a friend that will tell you the honest-to-God truth

Even though it may not be what you want to hear at the moment

That’s what we were for each other

“Never forget that you are my sister and you mean so much to me”

That’s what you told me in December

Words cut deep

And actions speak louder than words

What you sent me in December

Doesn’t reflect you last words “What were you expecting?”

That you said to me in this conversation…

“Why don’t we talk like we used too?”


“Wow, that wasn’t the answer I was expecting…”

That was my last attempt at trying to get you to open up

I guess we’ve grown apart

Or maybe my unintentional overreaction

Destroyed our bond

Damn, I am assuming that my words had cut that deep

To make a gash that stitches can’t fix

My action must be unforgivable

Just know that…

Sisters don’t trash each other

               We defend

Sisters don’t lie to each other

               We’re honest even when it’s not what the other wants to hear

Sisters have an unconditional love

               It’s a love that lasts for lifetimes,

                                                            It’s not seasonal

Sisters are always present and accounted for

               Especially when you need us

That’s just the way that I see it

I can’t speak for you

Can’t blame me for trying to be my sister’s keeper

Just wish I didn’t feel like a stranger to you…


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