my shoulders i cry on (symbiosis).

how much more grateful can i be 
for all the things you’ve done for me? 
the times that seemed like i drove you crazy 
with all of my problems, but i was too lazy 
to try to solve them on my own two feet 
but you had better advice for my brain to meet. 
so as my life gets better for now, 
it’s still very hard to express how. 

the most i can say is thanks 
for being my foundation amidst all instigation. 
the most i can say is thanks 
for being my shoulder to cry on despite all my bygones. 
my gratitude is beyond expectations, 
all the times you helped me regain concentration 
on what the most important things in life are, 
like you and you and you; my best friends by far. 

the perfect example of symbiosis 
is just me and my friends, never miss 
the times we’ve shared, extreme to extreme, 
all our memories feel like yesterday, it seems. 

- [nel.ito]


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