My Secret Paradise


As I drive along the back roads, I come upon a dirt home next to an open fence for my truck to rest. I depart from my truck and feel the warm summer sun beating against my tan skin, reflecting off my aviators and the wind combing my dirty blond hair. I advance into the gap between the fence and walk along the trail of trees on either side of me. I watch as a garden snake slithers across the soil in front of me and wonder what it must be like living in these woods. A deer trail sneaks up to my left as I walk, where a whole new adventure is waiting for me. Covered by the leaves and branches of the surrounding trees, with only a small patch of dirt as the opening, I stray from the path and walk down the narrow trail. I can see the lake in view. It shimmers in the sunlight, just peeking out through the branches in front of me as I walk. Zigzagging past dozens and dozens of trees, I finally see it in view. A large tree that reaches out over the crystal clear, fish filled water. I stumble down the hill to reach this magical spot. I climb up the tree and find a place to lounge on its large arm, as I clear my mind of the troubles inside me. This place is my paradise, hidden in the woods. It's where I find peace and serenity from the outside world. I can't imagine anyplace better. Because this is my secret Paradise, were no one knows except for me. 


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