My Roommate

My roommate moved out today.

They decided to leave most of their things behind.

Nothing was of much importance though,

Well, except for their pillow.

I put that away in that closet I never use.


Even with all of these things left behind, this house feels very empty.


I've decided to look for a new house, but nothing seems interesting.

Everything the house's promise I've seen before.

The same number of bathrooms, similar square footage, bad heating.

Maybe I should stop looking.


My friend sent me a listing for a new house accross town.

It's a little bit bigger and has an extra bathroom!

It's a little pricey, but it's a little different, so why not.

There's one problem though, I'll have a new roommate.


I'm moving out today.

No, I'm sorry, I'm moving in today!

I'm trying to bring as little as possible, I don't want to clutter my new roommate with all of my old's roommate's things.

I wasn't ready to get rid of it all though so I decided to put it in storage.

I wonder if my roommate would be okay with me keeping all of their things.


The floorboards are a bit creeky, but one week down and I'm doing okay.


I realized I needed something from my storage locker so I told my new roommate and they asked to come along.

They were surprised how many "awesome" things I left behind.

They even asked if they could have that pillow...

I said no.


My new roommate asked to go through that locker again, how many times do I have to say no.

Maybe I should let them,

It's just that I can't stand seeing some of those things.


I finally said yes.

My new roommate knows now about my roommate and assured me that it's still okay to think about the good memories.

I try to now, but it's still pretty difficult.


My new roommate decided to bring half the storage locker into the new house!

A lot of it I cringed at when I placed it inside, 

But somethings weren't that bad.


My roommate is using that pillow now, but that's okay.

They use it the same way my old roommate did, but instead of putting both feet on it, they only put their right foot on it.

My roommates do have some things in common, but my new one is a lot cleaner, that's for sure.



This poem is about: 
My family
Guide that inspired this poem: 


I am excited to post this new work. To me it is about the acceptance of an old relationship by both members of a new relationship. My current significant other is slowly teaching my that our past relationships are part of who we are and our identity. I have never liked to dwell on old relationships, both mine and my significant others. I am slowly coming to terms with this concept and hope that one day I can embrace it fully.

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