My Perfect Reality

I stare out my open door

Feeling the wind whirl around me 

Causing my red hair to spin and fly 

As the giant trees look down at little me

I smile up at them

Just happily being in my oasis

I hear the slight pitter-patter

As the rain falls from the darkening sky 

And finally feeling the soft grass beneath my feet

I sigh content with just being

With each drop of rain that hits me 

I become more and more calm 

But I guess that's what paradise does to you

I fall to ground looking up at the perfection around me

I can't help but think if the greenery surrounding me is dream 

When I open my eyes will all of this be gone 

No this fantasy around me is my reality 

Even if once it was only a dream

The hard work I used will always be imprinted in me

To show I made my perfect fantasy into my perfect reality.


So I close my cabin door to wait for another perfect day.



My Perfect Reality by Ryan G. 

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