my people

Tue, 08/30/2016 - 00:02 -- azak99

you're killing my people

you're killing my people

why? because

you think we aren't equal.

slaughtering masses with head held high

not giving a damn as they scream and cry.

drowning the dirty floor with blood

like moses and noah; a new red flood.

couples hiding in bathroom stalls

fearing for their lives as you shoot through walls.

bullets of lead that pierce through steel (pierce walls of steel)

how could you do this?

do you not feel?

so many loved ones that we must bury

just because you didn't want them to marry. 

day after day, your hate-filled heart

still tears numerous families apart.

you've killed all my people

you've killed all my people

you killed them because

you are truly evil.

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My community
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