My Natural Hair


My natural hair.


Long curly tresses that resemble that of a lion's mane.

Oh how I remember the pain,


The pain of sittin' in that wooden chair as my momma combed my hair.

God forbid I moved, she'd give me that death glare.


All the years of blood, sweat, and tears,

I couldn't believe I permed it after these years.


These years of embracin' my curls,

And showing off my prized possession to those white girls.


No disrespect ladies, we're all God's chilin'

I'm just making that point so you see what I'm instillin'


I'm instillin' the point that we should all be proud of what our Heavenly Father blessed,

Seeing these young girls now is makin' me so stressed.


Stressed because they dye their hair all red purple blue and green,

Why can't y'all embrace what's in your genes?


For the love of all that's holy, girls,

Please accept your natural curls.


Because you know what's so important to me, all that I care?

Oh, nothing but


My natural hair.

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My community


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