My Misguided Guide

Wed, 06/17/2020 - 11:16 -- keri21

Hello my guide, my ill-advised guide.

I see you on my shoulder, 

wings bent and mocking a pearl’s features.

Do they gleam with motive or ill-intent

that pushes me towards the moving shadows

or turns my skin to air, unnoticed, no care?


Through rainbow clarity and designs I watch.

My eyes gaze at the sky you descend from

with your terrible yet needed gate.

Star-struck with prayer, I succumb to paralysis,

unable to cut out my spirit, the tie.


Together we’re chained, side by side.

You walk next to me through the faint light.

Our days are partly cloudy, ever so close.

A bitter romance bleeds to life. 

A hemlock’s flowers embellish my ring,

tying together mind and heart with a sting.


Hello my guide, my godlike guide,

unable to be destroyed; no demise.

Not in control, I open my heart

to a lifetime of pulling myself apart.


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