With My Mask

For years like many others I have participated in the world’s largest masquerade and come in full costume every time

Admittedly over time as I became more of a woman my wardrobe also began to resemble my blooming beauty

However one piece of my costume remains unchanged and untouched

The most crucial piece that I dare not leave the house without, my mask

The one element that gives me security when I feel helpless

The one accessory that makes me feel complete when I fear something is missing

And the ultimate cover that cloaks my past, my insecurities, and my imperfections

I’ve always chose to bend to the wills and needs of others to satisfy them

I’ve always used my writing to speak when I felt like I didn’t have a voice or no one would listen

Although I’ve evolved, become stronger than I ever thought possible, and have let my voice be heard

I keep the mask, why?

Because I believe not everybody doesn’t need to know everything

I don’t believe that everybody should see my highs and my lows

I believe that some will attempt to determine my character based upon assumptions and rumors

I can admit that I’m scared to go without the mask and let everyone see who I really am

But I can also say that I will choose to whom I will reveal myself to

I am no longer behind the curtain, I have taken the stage and I am the star with my mask


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