My love


I've been so sore lately
it's as if my fingers are falling apart 
I don't understand why you left me
The only one who makes me feel like I am alive
The only one who stopped me from running a blade over my wrists
You stopped me from death my love
              You're a HERO
As I write this,blood and tears coat these heavy,weary pages
I miss you
I can't  remember clearly the last time we spoke
I can't poke. And prod at you...
You don't want anything to do with me
We were just silly kids...
Head over heels like puppy dogs to a treat
I remember oh how my soul devoured you,you were sweet as nectar and I was the bird
I hungered for you
But as I write this,I bleed the blood of my veins
The same blood that cursed my ancestors.
I am an abomination
I say to myself
I hurt you
You hated me by the flesh of my being,the nails that would pick away at my skin,the nails that HURT me
God I'm so sick
I want to breathe 
If I drown dear you cannot save me.
For I am a deadweight.
You can't weep or grief for I was dead long,long ago
You saw me whither away at your fingertips and you did nothing.
You didn't care
And you moved on
I hope he takes care of you.


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