My Lips Will Bloom

I don’t talk a lot 
At first 
And I hope that that’s okay 
But once I know your warmth 
And feel safe letting words escape 
When I know they and I don’t annoy you 
Then I’ll tell you
About how the sunset was blazing and glorious 
About how the clouds in the sky were vibrant and beautiful 
About how work was long 
How the trees swayed 
And the breeze brought a wonderful smell 
Of rain and roses 
I’ll tell you my thoughts and opinions 
So carefully guarded in my prison of a mind and heart 
I’ll give you bits of me that I don’t normally give 
But it goes beyond even that 
Because once your gentle words and soft eyes 
Heal my heart and calm my mind 
Once I trust you and feel okay 
You’ll become a part of my words 
And I’ll make sure to include you in them 
I’ll ask you how your day was 
How work went 
How you slept last night 
I’ll check on your family 
And try to ease your problems and worries 
Because once you’re rain has shown me that it’s all okay 
That first bit of silence is made up for 
And my words will bloom like flowers for the both of us


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