My Hot Air Balloon

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 06:07 -- Darlene

Breathless and grasping for air

My breath chokes for the wind, 

My lungs don't seem to dare,

For my life, to even breathe 


Lying on the cold hard floor

With bright lights swaying in my eyes

Why does it make me feel like I can soar?

Like the girl in my dreams with a flight so high


Ah yes, the girl I've dreamt to be

My voice comes out as cough as I laugh

Pretty, intelligent, what parents want to see 

And what I was never meant to be


With the simple seemingly trivial flick of my wrist

The laughter, teases, looks, whispers, rumors, lies 

Red liquid flows from where the silver blade kissed

An odd calm settles, freeing me from any ties


With a small and catching breath I plead

Take it in your heart to find enough mercy for this deed

For the world to divert their judging eyes

From girls like me, judged every second of their lives


Because you see, suicide, for me,

Is a hot air balloon taking me across seas

Away from the prying minds, which now seems like a disease

That I even fear more than turning into a zombie


So, if you ever see a girl like me

With soulless eyes that can't anymore see

The beauty that the world was created with

Save her from the living damnation, that for you is nothing but a myth



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