My Greatest Accomplishment

I planted my legacy inside of you.

A tiny pebble of a seed,

brittle and bitter from a lifetime of storms.

I buried it deep in your soul.

For decades, I tended to the earth,

Slaving under the unforgiving sun like our ancestors.

I used my sacrifice and suffering as rocky soil,

Watered your foundation with my blood and sweat and tears.

I tilled at the ground ‘til my hands bled,

And my soul sobbed.


But then you grew.

A sprout, at first, peeking hesitantly through the earth.

Then a sapling, stretching with confidence towards the sky.

Every day, you grew taller and stronger,

And I stood, marveling at your beauty.

Watching your soul open up like the petals of a rose

Gave my tired spirit a song of solace.

Seeing your lips bloom into a vibrant smile made

Every broken heart, every endless night, every fallen tear,

Worth it.


The labor that I have put into you,

That I sowed into my legacy,

Has made you more powerful and beautiful

Than I could have ever imagined.

Which is why I can leave you to

Stand on your own,

As the roots of my life shrivel into the earth.

I can finally rest in peace,

Knowing that you, my daughter,

Will always be my greatest accomplishment.

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My family
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