For My Grandfather

I remember when you would dry my tears with your rough hand

I remember when you would hug the breath out of me

It seems in the blink of an eye you disappeared, so now where do I stand

Where do I go now when I need someone, where you would be


I remember when you used to rub my belly when I was sick

I remember when you used too tickle me until I gave you a dime

But now my memories have turned into seeing you catch the cancer stick

Now I have to witness you lay in a bed and beg God for a little more time


I remember when you would yell at the TV you just couldn't stand

I remember when you used to make a joke about the awful Micky D’s

I begged too long for you too stay, so now I must demand

But beggars can’t be choosers so I had to say goodbye, down on my knees


I remember when you cared for me whether I had bruises or a little tick

I remember when you were so alive and sublime

I had to realize there is no rose without a prick

I had to accept my hero was gone, only if it was a once upon a time


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My family
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