My Friend Anxiety

My dearest friend Anxiety, 


You’ve locked me inside this cage where the bars are made of misery. 

The ceiling made of darkness and the floor of cold concrete. 

There are no windows in this cage, just a small hole in the wall. 

Where I peek out and see that I’m missing out on it all. 


The cage has a small table but no chairs, 

Where I stand and wait for the next volunteers. 

I lure them to my cage and once they arrive, 

This is when anxiety will thrive. 


It feeds off the fear of me losing this newfound friend. 

The one that I hoped to be with me until the very end. 

And because of this fear, I push them away. 

I say “we can't hangout today” 


But that day turns to every one. 

Our forever friendship comes undone. 

Anxiety tucks me in when I go to sleep. 

God damnit, the price of this illness is not cheap. 


I dream of the happiness which I cannot find, 

I’m no longer in a cage and everyone is kind. 

But anxiety wakes me up from my dream. 

And the only thing to rid of this feeling is nicotine. 


So, I become an addict to this awful drug 

I fall into the grave that this feeling has dug. 

I just want to be accepted by society. 

But, with me comes my best friend anxiety. 



The girl who's mind you've taken over

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