My First Raging Wildfire Heart

My dear raging wildfire love,

It really just takes a small spark to start the fire,

But when it takes control,

It takes over, engulfing everything,

Everything around you, about you, a part of you.

Nothing stays the same,

Especially after the first wildfire.


The forest thrived with deep green plants,

With sweet berries and furry animals,

And in the winter time, warmth was scare.

A fire at first felt like a good thing,

It was warm and made everything else feel obliterating,

The animals found nothing better and wanted nothing more than the warmth in the midst of a bitter winter,

But they were also selfish, and couldn’t wait for the summer sun,

They wanted it now,

And so the fire took over with a big smile and blazing eyes,

First all the thin twigs and dried leaves,

Then the short shrubs and thick tree branches,

And then every living thing in between.


That was the first time.


Black ash and black dirt was all that was left behind,

A murderous stillness stung the air,

Oh the air,

Filth of burnt carbon,

Any passing by living thing coughed and cursed,

At the left behind trash,

And it stayed for weeks,

The sky- gray and winter- ablaze.


In some time, spring prances in,

With word of the wild fire,

She tries to pour some extra rain on the forest,

In attempt to put out the left over flames,

The forest already knew the fire was gone,

But it still let the water flood.

All around the water cascaded,

And the forest let spring think she was helping.


Spring bounced away and summer took her place,

It was hard to miss her when she came by,

Summer glimmered,

And she glowed with radiance enough to make the small forest plants begin to stretch,

Her fluorescence began with the little plants,

And moved to the giant swaying trees,

Then the forest discovered all the concealed plants in between,

And realized how much has been rebirthed,

The forest took one whispy breath,

And blew all away the gray dust,

To reveal the hidden vibrant life covered,

And for once the forest took a deep breath in.


It only started with a spark.

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Our world


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