My Final Race


My heart is a racehorse

I'm terrified yet whipping it faster.

Sights sharper than cut glass

tastes like a penny on my tounge

hands cold and clammy, but body burning

and bleach clawing at my nose,

sounds like a tunnel, someone wants in.

I felt like chocolate tasted,

Silky sweet and smooth

Hershey's in the Nevada sun.

Silence deaphening in my head

lonely in a crowd.

A tittynope of magic still scattered on the table,

We've got too much energy to clean it.

we haven't had enough until we've had a little more.

The silky sheet of immortality

draped across the feelingto

torn away too soon

We sat still as a breeze,

serious as the sun, dancing on a pool.

I tripped across clouds

grasping at sunbeams

The princess still searching

for that first feeling

knowing that all too soon

she'd crash far below

an unnoticed hole

stepped over by those so far above.

A twitchy corpsesul

king in the shadows

a sugar so sweet

As I work my magic

the audiance dances

unaware of my grand finale.

As the race ends

it skids to a halt

never to race again.


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