My Eyes, They Burn


My eyes

They burn

My mind

It hurts



Beating at my heart


Making my heart not want to beat


Stop it

Please, stop it

I just want to survive this world

I just want to survive this world


And then she came

The stability, the peace

The wonder, the care

She was unique in my life.


There is hope

Though my day-to-day is at stake

I hope my life will be good

And one day I'll be free


Free to care

To love

To help.


Because right now, that's hated.


I struggle and I stumble

And it is oh so hard

But life is not pointless

I make my own meaning


And when others hate it

Hate me for who I am

Hate me for being scared,

Or lost,

Or forgotten,

Or timid,

Or careful,

Or caring,

Or kind,

Or giving,

Or loving,

When others hate when I'm like that

I question why

Should I change?

Should they change?

They hated me,

So maybe I should change,

Because I have never hated them.



Thank you for reading. It's a great struggle, for me.

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