My Ex Boo


I sat next to him that one day

thinking he could one day be my friend.

From that day on we started talking, as one would say,

but it was a wonder what our eyes would send.


It started as a friendship and soon became a crush.

My heart would beat faster every time we talked.

It was like my blood was in a rush,

but I felt like his feelings for me were being mocked.


I didn’t know what to trust, 

so I just let time pass by.

I just hoped my feeling wouldn’t rust

or pass like a fly.


Soon one day, my curiosity could hold no longer,

so I casually asked him who he liked.

His answer was, “At ten check your messenger.”

I hoped he would answer; I couldn’t take this roller coaster ride.


Patiently I waited, then the clock hit nine.

Suddenly, butterflies in my stomach cared.

What if God didn’t want him mine?

What if our lives weren’t destined to be shared?


Well, as the thought crawled in my head,

Nine fifty came.

I don’t know what he was feeling, but, still, no message to be read.

Then I felt my feelings for him were very lame.


At ten he finally started typing;

The room really turned hot.

The things he was saying

were not what I had thought.


He slowly began telling me 

what for months he had felt

were feelings for she, which was me.

My heart began to melt.


We then went out,

what a gentleman he was,

but then my life took a different route,

and the differences spread like moss


Our relationship truly was a beautiful one,

But as fast as it came it soon was gone.



I sure will. 

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