My decision

Some one is honking, honking at me As I open my eyes and turn around I'm blinded by headlights I cover my eyes and look down I wiggle my toes and realize I'm barefoot I'm wearing my nightgown "hey! What are you doing out here so late? ... Are you okay?" His voice sounds like honey But my nightgown, it has some thing flowing off it, something red... Red, it's blood. I check the hand on my eyes, I check my shoulders I try to say yes to the sweet voice but I'm so tired I just nod. I put my hand down and the river is still flowing, And that's when I know, I know it's not from my shoulder or my leg I know it's from my wrist Thats when I recognize the road and I try to take a step towards the headlights, and the sweet voice but I can't I fall to my knees. That's when I see the most beautiful male in the world. I fall to my side. I can hear him screaming, I can hear his footsteps approaching. I'm facing the ocean, I'm facing the hole I've dug out to be buried in. "911! Hurry!... I don't know she was walking down the road alone! Fast! Her pulse is slowing down!" I reach for his hand and I can't find it, but I find his huge green horror struck eyes staring straight at me. I reach for his cheeck as he gets on his knees by my side. I kiss those gorgeous lips, and I lay back down And as I close my eyes I say "No".

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