Thu, 11/16/2017 - 11:46 -- kpnuck

Dear Bec,

I’m not sorry that our friendship ended

I’m not sorry that you chose to erase my role in the book of your life

I’m sorry that I ever allowed myself to go through the pain that you put me through

I’m sorry that you think that what you did was no big deal

I gave you way too many things

The biggest thing I gave you was my time

Get off of your high horse and wake up

Realize that high school is four years

Realize that boyfriends don’t last

Realize that friends do

I was always there

Your dad has gone crazy again?

I was there

Your boyfriend played you?

I was there

All of your other friends turned on you?

I was there

What about me?

What about when your other friends called me “disgusting” and “too skinny”?

What about when my parents got divorced?

What about when I cried everyday because I had no one to turn to?

You weren’t there

It’s painful to look back on everything now and realize just how little you did for me

All I did was give and give and never took

I wish you the best as continue without me

But remember

Everything you say gets back to me


I wish you the best as you continue life without me





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I love the structure of this poem and the repetition throughout. I love the story as well.

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