My Dear Little Brother


I know

I know

You aren’t so little anymore, I


I understand more than you can

Ever realize

I write this letter to pour my heart


Honesty, and truth with a cheshire smile

Arms open, eyes wide, mouth curving words that

Can either be

Get away from me


I love you


I try to teach you as much as I can


You are growing up

And soon you’ll be a man

But you are so fragile and soft

And the world is so harsh and cruel

And I understand that school isn’t easy for you too

I know you cry

Then lie

When I ask

And you push me away

Tell me to leave

This anger and frustration that you can’t explain

A boy so young

A boy who can’t explain his pain

Dear little brother

With your aching heart

Bleeding profusely  

Stitched poorly

Dear little brother

Who thinks he’s alone

Your sister will always be with you

Even after your loneliness is gone.


This poem is about: 
My family


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