My Dear Friend


I asked my dear friend 
Little bird
Wings flapping against this wind
Singing a song in a storm
Don't you tire of the clouds so heavy
That seem to drown you down?

And my dear friend replied
Little bird
Staying down and away from your life
Hiding from what you were born for
You were not meant for the dirt and muck
Join me in the rain and be my flock

I asked my dear friend
Little fish
You swim so hard against this current
Through freezing waters and dangerous ravines
When will you begin to tire of your struggles
And sink into the riverbed's embrace?

And my dear friend replied
Little fish
Your fins have grown weak and unsure
Letting yourself be swept away with the tides
Your scales have lost their ravenous luster
From all the adventures that made them shine with glory

I asked my dear friend
Little boy
All your skin is covered with your story
Your eyes have become dull with an unknowable loss
Won't you take my hand like you did mine
So many times before?

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