My dear Christopher


Playing tag on the playground

Shouting and screaming

Laughing without a care in the world

Oh how I miss that


I miss those times where we had tea parties

I miss those sleepovers we used to have

I wish I could go back in time

I wish I could see you again my dear Christopher


We were inseparable

Swore we’d be best friends forever

Who knew that forever was so short

You were so young


You were my first best friend

We told each other secrets

We played cards

Even though none of us knew what we were doing


My dear Christopher, I love you

I hate that you left me here alone

I know everything happens for a reason

But why did you have go


Even though you’re gone now

It feels like you are still with me

You’re my rock Christopher

You’re the reason why I don’t give up


My dear Christopher I’ll miss you

I know that we will see each other again

But until that day comes

I hope you’ll keep watching over me



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