My Daemons Inside


Strong, brillant and independent I stood,

Unable to be moved, cracked or struck.

I guarded and protected my heart, mind and body,

from all the dangers running amok.


There were many ways you were introduced,

They all differed on who said them.

My mind and body were unaffected,

Little did I know my heart was condemed.


The love that sprouted bloomed extravagantly,

The long nights of talking and the short moments of not.

No one saw the perfection,

Although we continued without a second thought.


It was raining and cold on that October day,

People tried to talk and wipe my tears.

My eyes were now dark as my angels had gone,

But no one could restore those 3 years.


Weak, malevolent, and broken I stand,

Unable to love, care or confide.

Look into my eyes and you will see my struggle,

To contain my daemons inside.


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